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教师荣誉Achievements of Mentor

本科毕业于Seoul Jazz Academy ( BIN track course) 爵士钢琴专业。研究生就读于伯克利音乐学院,爵士钢琴专业。2012年在Teach at Seoul Jazz Academy担任助教老师。有多年的爵士酒吧演出经验,担任键盘手。2013年为伯克利音乐学院声乐系学生进行伴奏;多次在伯克利音乐厅进行演出。2014年担任音乐剧“Stardust”键盘手。参加哈佛大学的慈善晚会;MIT&NEU 新年晚会。2015年参加Hwaseong Marine 音乐节;在珠海现代音乐学院(Golden Jazz CMI)担任爵士钢琴老师。2016年参加北山音乐节(CMI Quartet)。

教师寄语Mentors Note

When you learn something new, you must know how and why, not just memorizing it. The most important thing to learn about jazz piano is to play chords freely. Each students have their own musical characteristics and different taste of music. No matter what music you play, studying chord is the top priority. It is important to understand the principle of harmonizing chords rather than simply memorizing the keys. It is difficult at first, but afterwards it gets easier once you get the hang of it.Jazz came to China late. Although it still belongs to non-mainstream music, many people began to be interested. Jazz music basically has a variety of rhythmic changes based on offbeat which is not familiar to Chinese people. It is necessary to train your body to feel a variety of new rhythms that you have never felt before, not just listening and seeing with your ears, but also listening to a lot of music.

Compared to students in the West, most of the students in Asia have been educated strictly and result-oriented. The same goes for music. It is important to have your own colors and knowing how to try something new instead of just imitation.

Both talent and diligence are indispensable to the attainment of being a good musician, but what is more important than that is your own deep passion and interest in music. You need to try to know things that you don't know. If you really love music, you will feel much happier looking at yourself